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X BelizeBruce perience the real Belize! X perience Belize through ECO-Xperiences, Travel & Tropical Vacations! ECO-Xperiences

Belize Bruce will take you deep into
the jungle, out to the best beaches, introduce
you to the best guides, herbalists, and all things “Belize” so you will truly start to learn the “Real Belize”. These are not your standard tours, these are the real deal!

When you get at least 5-6 people together, Belize Bruce will run a course just for you!

Courses are 1 week long & include 2 meals a day, primitive lodging (or at hostel's/budget hotels depending on weather), all park entrance fees & transportation from Belize City. An equipment list will be sent out to participants prior to each course that they register for.

 202 (& higher) Requirements:
You first must take at least one “101” Level Course before you will be permitted to participate in any of the higher “202” Course Level programs, & a “202” Level Course before you may take a “303” Level course & beyond, etc. I need to do it this way to profile each & every one of you BEFORE I am willing to take you to my Bush Master friends & deep into the Jungle!


ECO-Xperiences 101

ECO-Xperiences 202

ECO-Xperiences 303