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X BelizeBruce perience the real Belize! X perience Belize through ECO-Xperiences, Travel & Tropical Vacations! Belizean Homestays

Belizean Homestays
$1,495 USD

If you truly want to learn more about the Peoples & Cultures of Belize, this is a living cultural Xperience!

Part of the week will be spent living in a Mayan or Garifuna Village observing & participating in village life. You will usually live in a thatched hut & be served authentic foods.

Part of the week will also be spent in various other communities, including East Indian, Garifuna as well as urban Belize settings.

While staying with your host families, they will have some things already planned out for you about their culture & History. If you are interested some aspect of village life, it may be possible to partake in it, say help them one day in their Milpa’s (family farms), preparing meals, learning how to make tortillas, chocolate, etc.