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ReefCI Reef Conservation International is the best place to scuba and learn about marine conservation in Toledo

Mythical Adventures is the best place to learn and scuba out on Ambergris Caye, located n the beach in San Pedro


National Kriol Culture

Belize Kriol

Wiki Belize Kriol

History of Kek Chi & Mopan Mayans in Belize

Kek Chi Mayan Language

Wiki Kek Chi (q'eqchi') Mayan

Q'eqchi' Vocabulary

Garifuna Research

Garifuna Institue Includes a word translator



Mexico Mike Excellent resource, book and info on driving & living in Mexico

Peoples Guide to Mexico A classic must read!

Ado Bus Busing all over Mexico including from Cancun<->Belize and the overnight Bus

Tornado Bus - Cheutmal (Q. Roo) to Texas

How to beat the Mexican Exit Fee Scam

More info on the Mexican Exit Fee Scam


Rio Dulce Boats Need a boat, dory or yacht?