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 Reiki I, II & III

Get attuned from a Traditional Usui Reiki Master in the rainforest & at sacred Mayan Temples & Caves of Belize!

Reiki Levels I, II and III Master Attunements

For a once in a lifetime opportunity, you can now obtain your Reiki Master's Certification in the tropics of Belize. Get your attunements at sacred Mayan Temples & secret Mayan caves.

Not only will you become a Usui Level III Reiki Master, you will learn other advanced healing techniques, developing both your physical & spiritual dimensions as you walk in balance, combining Flesh, Force & Spirit.

Develop your duality, physically & spiritually while tapping into the universal healing energy that is available for all of us to use. Learn how to focus it more effectively as a healer, while combing various healing techniques, balanced by the Flesh.

 Certificates will be issued to graduates of these Reiki courses.

Reiki I and II (combined)         $2350.

Reiki III Usui Master                $  500.

Reiki I, II and III Usui Master  $2750.