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X BelizeBruce perience the real Belize! X perience Belize through ECO-Xperiences, Travel & Tropical Vacations! Thatched Shelters & Huts

Thatched Hut Building
$1,495 USD

Utilizing natural bush “sticks” and Cohune Palm & Bay Leaf for thatching, you will gain an understanding of how to effectively make Mayan style thatched huts along with primitive bush huts.

We will start off with the basics, including how to properly use a machete before diving into Mayan hut design. We will identify & harvest some of our building material, and then get to participate in making an actual Mayan Thatched Hut!

Belize Bruce will also go into more advanced architectural & engineering “upgrades” including modifications he made while design award winning tropical resorts. He also will be glad to talk about incorporating solar energy (PV & Passive), grey water, biogas & composting toilet designs plus newer (& older!) Technologies that can be incorporated.