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X BelizeBruce perience the real Belize! X perience Belize through ECO-Xperiences, Travel & Tropical Vacations! Urban to Jungle

From Urban to Jungle: Belize 101
$1,495 USD

 This course will be unlike anything you have experienced as it will be in “real time” and no set classrooms. And yes, the unexpected usually happens here in Belize! You will need to remain flexible as things change due to weather or the environment.  

We will start off in Belize City & then head west to first learn more about Belize’s Flora & Fauna.

As we travel the country, we will point out the uniqueness of various Towns & Villages along with their cultural differences. You will learn valuable information about Belize & how to get around & understand it better. We will be camping out along jungle streams, deep in the Bush, or staying at Hostels, depending on weather. As we head deeper into Belize you will get a taste of  the real wild side of Belize with Belize Bruce & his top notched guides!

You will Xperience the REAL BELIZE!

This trip is somewhat customizable depending on each groups overall objectives.

Here is a PDF on this course